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Why should you join and refer?

“The [Lifestyles Unlimited] Vendor Program has
been an asset to my business. Not only do the
lifestyles members, which are like a family, bring
more clientele but the vendors that they associate
with also bring more clientele. This has been a
great investment. Don’t wait like I did and put it
off, Get started right away.”
Mike Doyle



I am extremely grateful for PPG’s partnership
with Lifestyles Unlimited. They’ve been a great
supporter of what we do and are a valuable
means of communication when we want to
discuss new products, programs or services. I’ve
enjoyed working with both property owners and
contractors alike...It’s an exciting time to be a part
of both PPG Paints and Lifestyles Unlimited and
I look forward to continuing to grow together! ”
Mallory Cowell


The Lifestyles Unlimited Vendor Marketplace offers a mutually beneficial business opportunity to work with high quality clients who are likeminded, educated, and active real estate investors and companies.  We promote an abundance mentality to achieve the same goals and from a business aspect it’s less time that you are having to spend coaching the client through the process, giving you more time to attend to other business needs


  • Abundance mentality
    • Working with existing vendors including competitors
    • Know that there is more than enough real estate related work available
    • Enough money in each deal for all to make money
    • Teamwork

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